Sevylor TX 390, Never used, should I it?

I know they made this model as far back as 1985, but I don’t know how long they made this particular kayak, so I don’t know how old it is, but someone has one for sale, never been used with the box and everything, from what I read they were very well made, that being said, could it be trusted to operate as it should?

New Sevylor kayaks are cheap so if interested I’d get a new one with a warranty. I had purchased one online for camping trips and it arrived with a big hole in it. Of course I returned it. These boats are glorified pool toys. If you can get it super cheap and don’t mind losing the money then by all means take the gamble. If you want a real inflatable then look at kayaks like the Aire. You’ll want rubberized canvas, not vinyl.