Sevylor vs Carlisle Paddle Question

Has anyone ever used or tested a Sevylor Pro 240 Kayak Paddle? I am looking for inexpensive paddles for 2 recently purchased Pungo’s. I have also considered Carlisle Tripper and Day tripper paddles. The Sevylor appears to have less slop at the joint and the blade is attached differently where the Carlisle paddles use a rivet to secure the blade. The one thing I am not sure of is that the Sevylor has 2 different diameters across the length with a cold weather grip to compensate for the difference and a variable center latching device allowing for infinite feathering positions. Since I have only ever used the Carlisle paddle, all opinions are welcome…

Fine paddle, that Tripper (yeah, right)

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I can comment on the Carlisle Tripper paddle, but not the Sevylor paddle. I bought the Carlisle Tripper’s for my kids. Bear in mind that a paddle isn’t just a paddle when my kids get a hold of it. It’s more like a multi-purpose tool, one that be used to hit a sibling, be used as a pry bar, a bat, or whatever their imagination can dream up. That in mind, they seemed like a decent paddle for the money at the time. Silly me! I finally got around to trying one of them and was blown away. If your not sure what the term “flutter” means, pick up one these babies and put it through a few strokes. This paddle really is that bad! I feel bad for having had my kids use them. I’m told the reason they perform so badly is because they lack a proper “dihedral”, a raised tapered ridge on the face of paddle, inline with the shaft. The recessed section on the face of Tripper causes the water to stall instead of directing the water off the face to either side. If your still interested the Tripper, shoot me an email and I’ll cut you a deal (got (2) 220’s, (1) 230).


Don’t like the carlise paddles
I really like the carlise oars but I just hate their paddles. I’ve broken every one of them. If you must get something really inexpensive then check out the Mohawk paddles. I’ve never broken a mohawk blade and I don’t think they weigh more than the equivalent carlise paddle.

An even better option is to save up and buy a nice werner paddle. They are really nice and were not too expensive when we bought ours.