How come there is no info on Sevylor Inflatables in the Buyers Guide?

I have a Rio that I will put up against anything that floats. Does have something against Sevylor?

I’ve got one, but.
What exactly do you mean by, “put it up against anything that floats”? I wouldn’t hesitate to physically put my Sevylor against any of my other boats, but to suggest that any Sevylor is interchangeable with a real kayak is fantasy.

there are reviews
There are a number of reviews of Sevylor craft (including 13 of your beloved Rio). It’s classified as a canoe in the reviews, not a kayak.

There are a lot of boats that don’t have manufacturer data in the Buyer’s Guide, usually because they don’t provide much. This tends to be true with the lower end boats. We can all find stats on various boats elsewhere – what most of us find really valuable on is the actual user reviews (though the negative and more critical reviews are generally more instructive than the short gushing “10 out of 10” reviews that newbies invariably post about their first boats, sometimes even before putting them in the water.)

Seriously, glad you love your Rio, but it is what it is (an inexpensive light duty boat), and it is no match for the majority of other kayak and canoe models in most conditions, including expedition grade inflatables like Soar, Aire and Innova.