sewing neoprene?

any tips on how to (machine) sew neoprene? proper type of thread to use? I want to turn a farmer john into a shorty, basically cut off the legs just above the knee and rehem them.

the easy way

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is to cut the legs off and apply Aquaseal to the edge instead of trying to hem.

If you are going to hem use #69 Nylon thread, but you might have to order it. Nylon upholstery thread should do the trick if you are in a bind. If you are using a sewing machine you might need a larger bobbin to accommodate the larger thread. You might try loosening the tension, but that could turn out badly.

You will also need a heavy gauge needle.

Seriously, just use Aquaseal (unless you are experienced with sewing).

Why sew them?
Just cut them off. You can use a soldering iron, hot knife,etc, (choose one) to run along and melt the edge of the nylon overlay.

I did some mending on my
Farmer Jane, used a ball-point needle (for stretchy fabrics) and regular high quality thread (Metrosene) and just stretched it a bit as I sewed. If you just sew it without stretching as you go, then the thread will break when you do stretch it out, like to put it on.

Don’t use that icky Coates and Clark thread, it is not so good.

It’s probably not the perfect way to do it, but it worked fine.

Just cut them off and don’t worry
about it. Nothing will happen to the edge of the neoprene if you just cut it and leave it that way.