Sewing Threads Forum No Reason

Can’t we all just get along?
And The Canoe Film is out(ed).
Another sucky winter day up north.
“Skookumchuck” thereafter shouted.

Feedback on St. Augustine,
holy spread from the “Racoon Box.”
Why hasn’t this been invented yet?
Did you get the news read Fox?

N-…R-S float bag quality,
when these threads all soon unravel?
Risk Management for Paddlers.
The Advice rests camping on gravel.

Got the first one done - all things must pass.
Hungry Bear Canister holds the pills.
When the water is too hard to paddle on
(Frankly?) This looks like fun - if you have the skills.


:slight_smile: x 2

Nice word weaving!

Onomato-paddle-poeia poetic!!! :slight_smile: x 3