Sex in canoes...

…Doesn’t work in kayaks, eh?

And, hey, this isn’t one of those fake-out teaser headlines, either!

But to start slow… Has anyone here discovered how much fun it is to SLEEP in a canoe?

'Course you pick the right boat and right place. A quiet pond is a good place to start. Laying in the bottom of the hull on a pad with nice sleeping bag is a comfy way to sleep indeed. Very stable. Worldclass star-gazing. Fun waking up wondering where you’ve drifted to. Or you can tie a line to shore, as you like.

who needs sex
when you’re already in a boat?

old joke
Of course you have heard the old joke…

How is American beer like having sex in a canoe?..

Answer: They are both F’n close to water!

Ever heard of “straddle paddle”?
…Wondering who’s done what around here.

Innovating can be fun.

That is how I ended up with …
eight kids !

Jack L

sleeping in kayaks
People have slept in kayaks, but I’d imagine this is another area that canoes are better.

Ed Gillet, who paddled from California to Hawaii back in the 80s, had a 2 person kayak that he would lie down in to sleep. Freya Hoffmeister, who lapped Australia, had more than a few nights in her boat at area where she couldn’t land. She slept sitting up using paddle floats on her paddle for balance.

Useless trivia…
In the early 1900’s few were able to afford a “horseless carriage”. The canoe was definitely the cat’s meow for dating in nice weather. Many shuttles were run by someone with a horse & wagon.

In some communities near lakes or rivers, there was heavy canoe traffic. Some of the good old boys decided that a canoe was just the place for some “summer fun”; a portable bed so to speak.

It didn’t take long before laws were enacted to curb the physical activities of the wilder paddlers… Some laws basically stated, canoe occupants had to keep their heads above the gunwales. The laws were enforced? by local police.

The Model A made a lot of changes…


Older Joke
What’s the difference between a Canadian & a canoe?

A canoe tips.

(Ask any waitress.)

You need a courting canoe
they have fewer or no thwarts and room for a rug on the bottom

Quite popular on the Charles and Belle Isle in the earl 1900’s

foot braces?

My canoe has knee pads! ;0)

Several years ago…
We were launching into a pond that leads to the East River in the Everglades/Ten thousand Islands, and there was a guided group with aluminum tandem canoes.

Each boat was outfittted with a large piece of plywood in the hull that covered all the ribs and struts, and they were just going to sleep in their sleeping bags in the bottom of the canoe.

It looked like a neat set-up

Jack L

re sex:
I have never even figured out how to kiss someone in a kayak. Every time I try, we both wet-exit.

re sleep
When I bought my OT Pack-12 canoe, it was missing the forward thwart as the girl who owned it had removed it to add another seat, then lost both seat and thwart.

I easily made a replacement thwart then thought… and set wing-bolts/nuts into the gunnels so I could remove said thwart to allow me to sleep in the canoe.

As I keep a series of those thick interlocking foam mats on the bottom to pad my knees and make my dog comfortable, they worked well as a bed.

And when I tent, they go under my tent for extra cushion.

However, I have yet to actually sleep in my canoe. I just set it up for sleeping IF…

I have taken a nap
pulled into Cave Spring during a thunderstorm on the Current River. Took a nice nap waiting out the storm.

The law is…
…that your sex in a boat is deemed to be whichever is listed on your birth certificate.

I slept in our old Grumman at the family lake house when I was a teenager