Shady Summer Padding?

Greetings from the steamy summer along Florida’s west coast!

We have our couple favorite well-shaded canoe sites, primarily along the Hillsborough River, but would value input from others. Do you have advice on launch sites that offer shadier river options?


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Juniper Springs Run is shaded about 2/3 of the way The last 1/3 is sunny. I think it is about a 7 mile downstream paddle. It is located off of State Road 40 in Ocala National Forest. If you have never paddled it, you should give it a try.

Don’t underestimate the value of shade.

Becalmed near Poole Island on the Upper Chesapeake.

Low angle cruising on upper Powhatan Creek near Jamestown, VA.

Weeki Wachee offers plenty of shade and cool spring fed water, but is a bit of a disaster at this time of the year. Once the kids go back to school in August it’s doable during the week.

I like paddling in the mangrove tunnels at Weedon Island but they can be tricky in a canoe especially if the tide is extra high. But it’s not far from the Hillsborough so maybe worth a try.

Ray’s landing, at the lower end of the Silver River, to Gore is a pretty shady 11 miles w/ shady camping available at the end.

I seem to remember that the little Econ has some decent shade on the run from 419 to Snowhill.

I also think the Withlachoocie has some good shade in the early part of the run.

Could probably come up w/ a half doz more if I went back and looked at my maps/charts.

Thanks for the reminder about Juniper Springs!

Lovely pics, thanks

Weedon it is! Thank you.

Good ideas - many thanks.