Shallow hull dent

Hey everyone,
I posted earlier as a newbie looking for a faster rec kayak for use mostly on creeks, small rivers, and smaller lakes. I found a used 11 foot Old Town Manitou online and got a pretty good price, but when I arrived to look at it I noticed a shallow but large hull deformation/dent (here’s a pic - it will only let me post one).

The seller knocked $100 off the previously-discussed price, so I bit.

My question to you is how much is this likely to affect the kayak’s performance? Is there any way to repair it, and if so, is it worth it?


Here’s a side view

I wouldn’t worry about it. Rec boats aren’t known for blazing performance anyway so the fractions of a percent slower that you might be won’t be noticeable. Many plastic kayaks have a dent in the same place - right under the cockpit opening is the weakest part of the boat, combined with the flat bottom is a recipe for oil canning. You can leave the boat upside down in the sun and it might pop out (or at least be less noticeable). I had a Manitou Sport for many years and I think it had a (smaller) dent in about the same spot. Great little kayak!


You won’t see it when you are paddling. Both of my plastic boats have similar things.

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Thanks - that’s reassuring. I read an article about things to look out for when buying a used kayak, and one said be very wary of hull deformities. So when I saw this, my heart sunk. I’m relieved now and excited for the weather to warm up.

Agree with the above. That type of deformation is very common in a single layer polyethylene kayak hull and will have a minimal effect of performance, if any. Attempts to “correct” it are likely to be unsuccessful and could possibly make it worse.

Live with it is good advice.
I would go one step further. Out of around 8 canoes, and one kayak I have never owned a new one. Once they have some wear on them, it is much easier mentally to take them out and use. them. I am not interested in new boats and having to be careful about scratching one.

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plastic boats are shape shifters- it’s all good until you get a crack or hole in the hull, just go with it and enjoy until then

smack it on the other side, to make it symmetrical. You’re welcome :rofl: