Shallow River/stream Fishing

Does anyone have any experience fishing with a Bixpy propulsion system in shallow streams or rivers?

Basically, I’m getting older. I’ve been stomping and floating rivers and streams in IA, MN, WI and MI for 40 years. I prefer to fish upstream. I"ve seen the kayaks with built in trolling motors. But, Summer flows and certain water I fish, these wont work.

The Bixpy motors that attach to a rudder look intriguing. However, the closest dealer looks like its 300 miles away in Lake of the Ozarks.

I am curious about speed and direction control. I can rig a light anchor off the bow. Essentially the system im trying to put together is such that I will stop and make a few casts anchored, pull anchor with one hand and bump boat upstream 25 feet with the other. Then drop anchor, make a few casts, bump upstream another 20-25 feet, etc.

Any thoughts?

You can use your boat to access the good fishing.
Then get out of the boat and cover the water.

In some of the best watrr I fish, thats trespassing. You can get out to move around obstructions or shallows. If I am serious about fishing, gotta be moving upstream. If im just enjoying the day, floating down is fine. Moving upstream is what makes this propulsion system look intriguing. Have the best of both wotlds. Fish hard upstream all day and enjoy a leisurely float back down.

Have you ever heard of a power drifter? It is a large drift boat with a full transom for running an outboard. Most people use jets instead of props. They can handle skinny water. Power upstream and drift back to the starting point and your rig.

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