Shaman 12 by Mohawk

Hey, I’m thinking of buying a used Mohawk Shaman, and am looking for opinions. I am a small paddler, 5’2", and 125 lbs. Seems like a nice boat. Comes with saddle and float bags.



Just so you know the history of the
design, Harold Deal designed it so he could race in “one class” events where he had to do well on a whitewater slalom course, and then to do well on a whitewater downriver course. The result is a boat that turns and maneuvers well, but is also relatively fast in a straight line, for a whitewater boat.

I think the boat will be OK for you, although perhaps a tiny bit on the large side. You will have extra margin for gear or for water that has sloshed in the boat.

I had a Shaman for several years and loved it. Great boat , very fast for a WW canoe, surfed great, interesting paddling boat. In the Royalex lay-up it is quite heavy though. Somewhat sluggish to accelerate, taking a good 3 strokes to get to speed. IT might feel big to you, but might not. I’d try it first. There are some smaller boats you might like too.