Share Woodland Caribou Fly-in?

We are planning a fly-in to Woodland Caribou in August and are looking for someone to share 1/2 the ride. That means you would be finishing up a trip at the time we would be coming in (on/about 8/17) or leaving as we are going out (8/26).

We have some flexibility, but would prefer to work over these weekends.

Woodland Caribou is a premier backwoods canoe park with great fishing (check out and flying in is the best way to get to the farther reaches of the park.

Serious inquiries only, please email.


makes sense
When a party hires a plane for fly in they have to pay for both legs of the flight even when the return trip is empty…

So a co party is most helpful…thats what we do on most of our fly in trips. But I cant do this one.

More info
Just so people know, Woodland Caribou is an interesting place on its own, but it is also the jumping off point for several great Manitoba trips.

The Bloodvein River, Gammon River, and Berens River are routes that could be traveled out of WCPP. So, stay in the park and explore, or go West.

I’m heading up there this weekend, so the flight won’t work, but it sounds like a fine opportunity for someone to enjoy.