I troll artificial lures in ocean with kayak and do fairly well, normally. Lately have been hooking sharks of six-foot size. Keep taking lures and fish already hooked. This is in south-central Florida east coast. Any thoughts anyone?

This time of year, they are moving
closet to shore as the water warms up. Along our coast, shark fishing picks up Mid-May, you guys get 'em earlier. They’ll hit lures. Just keep the rod tip up and don’t let them go under the kayak.

Fisherman in Kayak
vs six foot pissed off shark tethered to same…hmmm

There was this Brazilian Priest last week…

I’d change my fishing tactics and or locale for a while.

How do you …
… release them from that Kayak ?? … each to their own I say , but Sharks unnerve me !! … and I would be thinking that much larger ones might be figuring how to eat me !! … maybe you ought not to play with them in that Kayak …

Anything shorter than 5’, grab behind
the head like a snake, and remove the hook… Lip gripers work for them too…

Larger ones, cut the leader, and consider it a catch, or tail rope them, lasso the head and take them to shore to photo and release.


Catch and release being the most
important point. Blacktips make good eating, but sharks are getting scarce.

Larger open ocean sharks are getting
rarer… Inshore species like Blacktip, Atlantic Sharpnose, Spinner and Bonnethead are doing fine.

Still Catch and Release is important, and if you do keep a shark for food, it is imperative that you handle the fish properly, which includes immediately dispatching the shark, and bleeding it, then placing on ice. If not, the meat will be ruined.

To waste such a wonderful creature as a shark, because of some sense of bravado or ignorance is almost criminal.


Hope to catch and release a couple
in May. Going to hit the beach at High Island, Tx. Its becoming one of the premier places to fish beyond the breakers. Can’t wait for my first sleigh ride.

We are having our local Kayak Fishing
Group, Beaufort Area Redfish Flotilla (BARF), annual Shark and Cobia Rodeo in late may. The Cobia come into the Rivers to spawn, and the sharks are always present in the spring to fall months.

Hoping to get our first Cobia boated this year.


Cobia don’t often come close enough
to shore here, though some guys paddle a couple of miles offshore to shallow oil rigs and have hookups. They’re not an easy fish to handle once you get them to the boat.

That is what a GAFF and Club are
good for!


And a partner.