She-Wee Device

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A neat device for women who must pee standing up. A backwoods essential, depending on your situation when camping. Might be hard to use in a boat, but then again might help directional flow if having to go in a Nalgene or something. I thought I'd post as it seems practical.

It's space efficient multipurpose camping gear, too: it's also a cooking funnel, a water filter (put an unused tampon in it), a CPR mouth guard, a drip guard for Popsicles and Fudgicles, a unisex diarrhea directional device (better than poop on the heels, if you get my drift), an emergency firestarter, a female condom (insert backwards after stopping small end with a frozen pea). The She-Wee. By Wham-o.

Then there is The Shenis

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impressive your friends in a pissing contest

leave it to you, doc
to post this.

Thanks for the post
It does look interesting.

Strike the CPR shield idea
Latest info is to forget the rescue breathing and concentrate on teh chest compressions.


that was creative but I didn’t think it was the most likely alternative use of the thing in that ad.

I knew all the old gang would chime in…
…for the Shee-Wee.