Shearwater adventure!


I just got back from a 7 day solo trip covering over 100 miles, 9 lakes, 3 rivers and lots of excitement.

I traveled the western part of the BWCA in my Swift Shearwater. I boated daily in 10 to 15 inch waves. Fishing broad side in these waves became routine and was never a problem. I crossed larger bodies of water in 16 to 20 inch waves with never a worry and even had a bad chop with 2 foot waves and larger. I never took on water in my boat. In fact, I kept up with tandems at cuising speeds. My weight with my self and gear was 280-290 pounds. This was easily handled by the Shearwater and I could have added another 50 pounds easily.

I caught lots of fish, the largest being a Nortern about 45 inches ( honestly! ) I had deer in camp every day and boated quietly enough to get within a paddles distance of a feeding deer once. I had a bear in my canoe, then walk in camp up to me. We had a staring contest and after a while, it just left never to return (luckily). I also boated quietly enough to get with in 15 yards of a moose calf and its mother (too close). Luckily I just glided off and there was no incident.

The shearwater is extremely manoverable. I boated in narrow rivers (20 to 30 feet wide)bolder strewn with tight turns. My boat manovered this area much better than the tandems I encountered.

I was left with a sense of awe for the wildlife in teh BWCA, as well as a real confidence for the safety I feel in my Shearwater. It was a great trip!!

Brammy1 (formerly Brammy)

Way to go Brammy, sounds like an excellent trip.

Well done Brammy
excellent trip report, awesome wildlife encounters. My only bear sighting to date is a patch of black fur running through the woods hightailing it out of site. Wish I could have been there to stare at your bear with you.

I’m very deligted to hear your take on the Shearwater. If you have a picture we can put it up as the July centerfold on canoe dancing.



Sound Fun
Sounds like a good trip. Glad you enjoyed it.