Shearwater or SRT strippers?

Is anyone familiar with a source for stripper plans that copy or are based on either the Hemlock SRT or Swift Shearwater? I’m itching to build a stripper and both of those designs fit right into the profile of what I’m lacking in my flotilla.


You would have to check with Dave Curtis re the SRT.


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To OP;

There is a lotta grass between those boats in terms of length, width, rocker and cross sectional shape?

If one will fit you the other won't. Terry Kent, 6'1" 225 mesomorphic lbs of canoe, kayak and SUP race winner refers to Shearwater as the USS Enterprise. It is a huge boat.

SRT seems huge because it it high sided, but it is 28.5 Wide max beam with a rounded bottom, so quite narrow.

I just tried to answer the question.

Plans for the SRT are a no go, just had that conversation with Harold last week.

Shearwater or SRT strippers?

That boat makes the most sense in royalex or expedition kevlar anyway.

Shearwater or SRT strippers?

I’ve looked at that site a dozen times before noticing the list of “digital only” plans where they list the Shearwater. Thanks for the heads up.

Very different boats
As Charlie Wilson has pointed out.

While both hulls are on the higher volume end of the solo canoe spectrum, the distribution of that volume, and hence the handling characteristics, are quite different. The SRT requires a lot more balance and paddling experience/skills.

My early vintage SRT is built with an expedition weight Kevlar laminate. Too heavy, in fact.