shearwater seat

Good day to all, was wondering if any Sitters in there swift shearwater, has lowered there sliding seat. I feel a little top heavy/tippsi. Some of the issues could be putting some weight in bow and stern. Best to you and yours,Ravenwolf

Are your feet and knees braced?
If your legs are kind of waving around, your only solid point of balance is the seat. If your knees are braced against the sides, which might involve some padding, and if your feet are braced against the bottom (footblocks?), you will feel steadier, almost like a kayaker.

You can lower the seat, but knee and foot support may do more. Once your bottom, knees, and feet are supported, you can practice pivoting from side to side at your pelvis. You may be pleased with how much more secure you feel.

Yes I am going to get the wenonah foot bar brace. This is good advice, I will get this done and see from there.

I have the same sliding seat in my Raven
but it seems a PITA to lower it…

I had the same arrangement in another canoe and mercifully wrapped the boat and broke the seat! That was a godsend… Put in a fixed seat.

Adding weight will stabilize things. But dont put them in the end… just in back of you or in front of you will do.

will lower
Called Swift going out in shop to measure will still lower seat up to two inches. That seems to be the hardest thing to do is decide what distance do I want to lower it ? Big guys in solo canoes. Best to you and yours, Ravenwolf

Might be best to take seat out
Then in warm water build up from the bottom. Perhaps try a milk crate or fat phone books(if you can find) to build a layer six inches tall. Then test sit

Yes, it seems that taking the seat out would be the best long term solution. So what is the best way to determine, where the new seat goes. Also which Eds seat?

Did you like your current one?
I like the contour bucket but seats are so personal… I would think you could salvage your current one.

Actually all you have to do is lengthen the drops… You really dont have to rip everything out… Getting longer drops is the issue and I would contact Swift cause they do have them. You are not the first person with this question.