Shearwater Widgeon, any feedback?

There aren’t any reviews on Anyone have experience with these?


Is that a stripper?
A couple of guys at AFS had strippers they said were Widgeons. Paul Meyer’s was 14’ and built to plan. It was a little stiff for freestyle but when I paddled it out on Cranberry Lake I thought it made a sweet little lake boat. Surprisingly quick and very well mannered.

The other one was built by… um I can see his face… um… I’m SO lame with names, ARGHGHGH!

Anyway that one was 13’ and had more rocker than the plan called for. That was a pretty good freestyler. Even more surprising it seemed as quick as its big brother.

I had fun surfing boatwakes in both. But I only spent about 20 minutes in each of them so I can’t really say more.

I was confused too
thought the OP was referring to the Swift Shearwater and Al Brattons WoodstripWatercraft Widgeon( which is a whole lot nicer handling boat now that the chines have been softened)

But likely its this little Greenland Kayak

That’s the one. I forgot the link in
the O.P…