sheerline tape?

Does anybody know where to find that thick rubber protective tape that’s on the edge of a kayak hull’s sheerline? I don’t even know what it’s called, but the electrical tape that I’ve been using just doesn’t hold up.

Check with the auto stores for trim tape…

automotive tape
Isn’t that like vinyl? I was hoping for something thicker and durable.

Might have to cut it if you want thinner than 2" width.

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not sure it’s rubber

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If we're talking composite kayaks, I thought it was a strip of epoxy painted over the fiberglass tape that covers the deck/hull seam. I'm pretty sure mine's painted on, because it has run drips (NDK QC).

Gaffers tape
I’d second the Keeleazy recommendation above but you might also see if there’s a local source for gaffers tape. Sticks good, fairly thick, and usually pulls off without leaving a bunch of residue behind.


thick rubber protective? I doubt it.
I never repair such damage. Covering it with black stuff just makes it harder to see any underlying REAL damage.

Body trim

Gaffers Tape

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get your gaffers tape at, I got one and its just the way you described it.

Yeah you can use gaffers tape for that, I use Gaff


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Cosmetic or structural?
You may be confusing the rubbery structural channel use to mate the hull to the deck on some kayaks with sheer tape. Some use fiberglass coated with gelcoat to reenforce the deck seam.

gaffer tape
Hmm. The keel strip and auto body molding certainly sounds robust, but perhaps it’s the gaffer’s tape I was looking for. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions guys!

BTW it’s for replacing the beat up white electrical tape that I used on my stitch n glue Arctic Tern 17

I’ve had three Terns, one 17 and two 14s.

Tape does emphasize the line in photos but in person I think it looks better with no tape.