Shenango Paddlefest (NW PA)

-- Last Updated: Aug-18-14 8:52 PM EST --

Shenango River Watchers just announced their 2014 Paddlefest on the Shenango River in NW PA.

Sept 27, 2014.

Put in below the Pymatuning Lake dam and float about 10 miles of the scenic Shenango.

I'll be there with my wife, contributing to a worthy cause and enjoying a day with friends. :-)

More info

There is a flyer with more info at the top of the page at the above link.

Come on out… support a worthy cause and a fun day on the river!

Been there, done that… Having quite
a few relatives in Greenville. It was a fun run, though summer-low. I finished by going upstream on the Little Shenango to Thiel College.

Great day
It was an absolutely beautiful day for this year’s Paddle Fest!

The weather just kept getting nicer and nicer all week, culminating in a day with not a cloud in sight in a beautiful blue screen, and a perfect 78 degrees after a cool night.

They had a record turnout this year, with something right around 270 boats joining in.

I wonder how many fellow PNetters my wife & I floated past this year?

We’ll be back again next year for sure. :slight_smile: