Shenango River Paddlefest, June 6

The Shenango River Watchers will be holding their spring Paddle Fest on June 6 this year.

As normal, meet just below the dam at Pymatuning, drop off your boat, drive down to Riverside Park in Greenville to catch the shuttle back up, then paddle at your leisure.

Always a good time, and the $15 donation that covers your shuttle and lunch goes towards a great cause (keeping the river clean).

“June 6: Spring Paddle Fest, Pymatuning State Park, Jamestown, PA. After a spring of cleaning up the watershed, join paddlers and float the Upper Shenango River Water Trail. A fee of $15 includes shuttle service and lunch. Shuttle pick up at Riverside Park in Greenville or at Kidds Mill Bridge in Pymatuning Township.”

More info
This year there will be two take-out options, Greenville Riverside Park or Kidds Mill.

Fall version
The second Paddlefest for 2015 is coming up in a couple of weeks.

October 10, 2015.

Same as the spring fest… put it right below the Pymatuning dam in Jamestown, PA, and float to Riverside Park in Greenville.

Usually about a 3 1/2 hour-ish journey, along a beautiful stretch of western PA river.

Hoping to see some of you there!

Kidds Mill
Kidds Mill was the 14 mile in the spring, right? Is there no shuttle for the 14 mile for the fall? After I was at this spring’s Paddlefest for the first time, I was hoping to do 14 miles next time. No big deal.

I was surprised how quickly the time went in the spring. Probably because of faster moving water from the spring rains, I was surprised when I think it only took a little over 2 hours. I imagine it will be a lot slower for the fall.

I’m already starting to see some of the green fading out at Lake Arthur. Can’t wait. Beautiful colors to see on Saturday and the Walkers coming back to TV on Sunday, what a weekend it will be, LOL.

Not this time
I don’t think they are having the Kidd’s Mill shuttle this time.

Despite my screen name here, I am not actually associated with Shenango River Watchers, other than as a normal member. I canoed/kayaked the Shenango River long before finding out about the SRW group, hence my name. I just post this event since I think it is a great time, and a worthy cause.

Contact them at the link above for full details.

And I agree, the full float to Kidd’s Mill is a great time, if able to do it. I have floated every inch from Pymatuning to Shenango Lake. The entire stretch has wonderful things to offer, but is definitely best broken up into shorter floats!

The colors are just starting to change up this way in the last couple of days as well. Two weeks from now, it is going to be beautiful on the river!