She's finally here!

“Got a black magic Woman…”

New toy rules require that they be named after a song with its color in the title. This one’s a two-fer because her model name is also in the title.

Drove up to NH to finally pick her up today. Northstar Magic in carbon layup. 5+ hours in the car later, I took her on her maiden voyage. Wow, just wow. Best canoe I’ve ever owned. Light (28 lbs), fast, and low to the water. Feels a little tippy when you first get in, but that feeling goes away real fast. Doesn’t seem to weathercock, and handles waves really well.

Love it!




How about “Paint it black”?



Nice boat!
I’d name it for the theme song Black Orpheus - to me that song just sounds like a cool balsam scented breeze on a lake. And with a cadence to carry one paddling through the day. May even lead to free styling.
I’ll sing to the sun in the sky, I’ll sing till the sun rises high…



:+1: :+1:

Beautiful! Ted Bell’s operation has been building these fantastic boats for many years. Built in the great state of Minnesota. I had a hard time deciding between the Magic and thr NW Solo speed vs Tripping capacity +Dog. I ended up with the NW Solo in Starlight.


My previous canoe was a Bell Yellowstone solo. Also a great boat, but I can’t kneel anymore, and that design really shines when you kneel. Been wanting a Magic for years, so I finally decided to go for it. Only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.


Naming is tough sometimes, but this one was a no-brainer. A carbon Magic only leaves one possibility: “Black Magic Woman” - good thing I love the tune.

I do have one boat, though, that pre-dates my naming rule - my CD Caribou. Bought it 24 years ago (OMG, that long ago???), and her name is “Baby Bou”. Hardly treated like a baby, and has survived quite a bit of abuse and excitement. Still the #1 'yak in the shed even so.

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A great canoe. I echo your Wows.