Shin Bone Protection

Anyone have any recommendations on what to use on the inside of the cockpit rim (combing) that could protect my poor shin bones when getting in and out of my Kayak…(GulfStream)

You can try
rotating your legs from the hips so that you are in a ballet first position turned out (Heels together, feet with toes pointing out). That will place your shins more sideways as you slide in. This might work if your kayak allows you to do it.

what has worked
well on our boats is adding thin, sticky-backed mini-cell foam; it comes in sheets. Talk to the knowledgeable and nice people at

Thanks Mike T

Thanks, Ill check with them…

the foam should work
you could also experiment with spray on foams to see how well they stick.

I still have scars on my shins from when I paddled a Explorer LV.

Thanks nchill …

That is my normal entry, but on exiting in a hurry I get nailed, dang it hurts too…Ive contacted kayakoutfitting for some self adhesive neoprene or whatever they suggest !!