ship a kayak: Boston to Burlington VT

Hi Everyone,

I just bought a sea kayak in Boston area.

The kayak has to be transport to Burlington. It would be perfect if it could be ship to Montreal, but not everyone want to mess with papers when crossing the border.

So we would meet in Burlington.

275$ us cash for the ride.

Here in Montreal, on our website: I’m known as PB and I contribute regularly to the forum and pics albums.



Happy paddling


If no one gets it to Burlington in the
mean time, send me a message through pnet. We will arrive in Boston in mid-July and by late July will leave to go to Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks. I think I could transport a kayak alongside my ww canoe.

Pierre, vérifie ton courriel. Je pourrais peut-etre te donner un coup de main.

paddle it back
theres a great route back to Burlington…so paddle it back…take you a few weeks.

Kayak arrived: Thanks to all
My kayak arrived saturday june 25 in Montreal.

Thanks to all who offered their help, I received numerous offers, the paddlers community is a wonderful one :slight_smile:

Happy paddling to everyone

Pierre Baribeau

special thanks to Tony and Gerry :wink: