ship kayak from Cabo San Lucas, Baja

I am doing a sea kayak trip in the Sea of Cortez and I am finishing in Cabo San Lucas. I need to ship my kayak back north into California or at least somewhere close to the border where I can pick it up. Does anyone have any ideas?

Talk with truck drivers

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in Cabo. You and your boat may be able to catch a lift to TJ. Have a foam block carrying set along and hitch a ride back up Mexico 1. The locals will be more than willing to help you along. Just offer gas and food. Get a folding kayak and fly it back.

Can’t vouch for them but …
Lots of these businesses in the Otay Mesa area.

Also you could look up Condos and Timeshares in Cabo and ask the managers who they use to move their furniture ect down from the US. They probably know reliable truckers.

Be warned most of the trucks coming into the US are in Shabby state and the Mexican ideals of what is reasonable packing etc are probably going to be pretty minimal. Theft is also a good possibility.

Grab a Santana or Latitude 38 magazine
and look for boat Baja haulers. This is a regular thing for them from Punta.

Post to the Baja Nomads message board.
They’re great, willing to help and it’s all about Baja. You might well find someone with racks and a spot, coming back from Cabo, who’d be willing to carry your boat.