Shipping a canoe from Canada to U.S.

Does anyone have experience with having a canoe (~50lbs) shipped to the U.S. from Canada? I’m in the south, and was looking at the best (aka cheapest) way to have a canoe shipped. What would be a ballpark estimate for the shipping? Thanks for any info.

I have had a canoe shipped from the West coast. It isn’t easy, and it isn’t risk-free, but mine made it OK.

I’d suggest contacting the manufacturer, as most of them have experience with this sort of thing and have relationships with trusted trucking companies (the kind that know to put the canoe on top and not use a forklift).

Not cheap
I can’t answer the question but I do recall that when I bought a canoe in Toronto area some years ago I came to the conclusion that it made sense for me to drive from Vermont to Toronto to pick it up rather than pay shipping.


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Based on my one "very bad" experience; UPS should NOT even enter your mind as a possibility.
They can lose a 15 foot canoe on a loading dock & not find it for 3 days.

If they do; you'll probably get to waste hours of your time, talking with their customer service reps (some of whom can not undertand you/others who you can not understand). A lot of their "customer service" is handled, by phone, in the Phillipines............
One of their service reps did not understand exactly what a canoe was. Another did not know what kevlar was.

For the priviledge of their service?, I was charged for home delivery. Also tacked on my bill was charge for extra fuel cost, to make the home delivery. I did a long drive, on my own dime, and picked up the canoe myself; at a UPS delivery hub.

Quotes from UPS delivery driver:
"This canoe was never lost; I've seen it sitting on the loading dock(which is 55 miles from my home) for the last 3 days"!
"You'd better open the packaging & check out the canoe before I leave; so you'll have me as a witness, if it's been crushed"!

I received a bill for over 100% more their original quote for delivery cost. Took over a month of hassles with them before they finally accepted the shipping cost amount "they" originally quoted. By then, my answer to their payment inquiries was, "You can stick that bogus bill where the sun don't shine"!
Some of the customer reps in the Phillipines didn't understand what bogus was either.

Never again!
UPS sucks!


Shipping a canoe

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Dear cave demon,

Once you know the pick up point and destination it's pretty easy to get LTL shipping quotes on a canoe. You can do that yourself on most major trucking company websites.

You'll need to find a carrier that runs into Canada and who has a terminal near to you since most over the road trucking companies don't do residential deliveries.

Here is a sample quote I did to ship a canoe from Toronto to Carlisle, PA which is near to me and a location where Roadway has a terminal.

Unfortunately, the quote will not appear if I cut and paste the link but the price was $ 268.00 for a 70 pound canoe.

Canoes are typically shipped via freight class 60 and if you know the weight you just plug numbers into an order form and you get your quote instantly.

A potentially larger problem is who will handle the customs/import paperwork? Any Canadian canoe manufacturer can probably take care of that for you, but if you are dealing with a private seller you will have to contact a customs broker to handle that part of the deal.


Tim Murphy AKA Goobs

Not class 60
Freight is classified on density. The lower the number, the denser the item. Bricks and sand fit into Class 50. Canoes are typically Class 400. If you can sneak your boat through at a cheaper rate, good for you. However the chances of being audited and re-classified is very high.

My advice, if it’s in Canada, go get it. The cost will be about the same in the long run, but the boat won’t be damaged and you’ll get a fun road trip out of the deal.

Shipping a canoe
Check our “”.

There is no charge to list your needs. What it is, where it is, where it goes, etc.

Independent truckers subscribe to the service and if they see something that has to go in the direction they are planning to go with a load, they consider it a way to get some extra income from the trip.

If they are interested, a trucker will call you direct to discuss the details and come up with a price.

I know of a few people that did this and were happy with the result. What you are looking for is someone who will pick it up and deliver it to it’s destination without being handed off to other trucks at central points.

I agree
"My advice, if it’s in Canada, go get it. The cost will be about the same in the long run, but the boat won’t be damaged and you’ll get a fun road trip out of the deal."

This is good advice. I picked my canoe up in Toronto and spent a lovely weekend in town with my family. Caught a Leaf’s game which was a thrill.

I would check out

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R&L Carriers. They offer residential pick up and delivery as long as they can get a semi on your road. If they can't they will call you and work out a meeting place. I use them about a dozen times a year for business and personal shipping. I have used them to ship everything from pallets of chemicals to fragile fiberglass ground effects for a vehicle. I have never had anything damaged and the drivers are always courteous and helpful. You can check out their website to get a quote.

Edit: I have never had to wait longer than 2 days for my shipments to arrive.

I am amazed at the info offered
I have imported about a dozen canoes from Canada to the US ( on my personal vehicle) and never knew of a designated carrier that had brokerage clearance.