Shipping a canoe ONT to BC

Any advice on shipping a canoe from Bracebridge Ontario to Vancouver BC? It is a 14 foot cedar strip + canvas canoe that was bequeathed to me from my grandfather after his death. It was really his most cherished possession and I am so looking forward to carrying on the family legacy - western Canada style.

I’ve reached out to some local outfitters and the local craigslist in Ontario but no bites yet.

Grateful for any advice. I’m new here so feel free to email me at also.

I imagine that would be a beautiful drive. I know I would have a couple buddies that would be down for that in a heartbeat… I’ve done similar trips, MA to WI to get a kayak and MA to Chicago to have a few beers and drop off a bed.

You’ll have the cost of crating (there are companies dedicated to this, I would expect at least a few hundred), plus the cost of shopping. You could contact LTL companies, but I wouldn’t trust any of them with something that important, and it will be expensive. Maybe a site like Uship could get you a quote.

They are very busy, but maybe someone at Swift can point you in the right direction as they are in Ontario.

I will look into Swift! Thanks for the suggestions.

I’ve looked into the LTL and trucking companies but they are super expensive and I’ve heard too many horror stories now about damaged goods to trust them with this precious item.

If you have any trustworthy friends who are doing the drive who could put a canoe on a roof rack, please let me know!

Hey, if the pandemic wasn’t going on, that might be possible. I’d love the drive.

This is going to be a tough one. Can you leave it there for a while or do you have to get it moved?

It is safe with a family member but I am getting some pressure to figure out a solution. No immediate rush, but I would love to have it out here for next summer. Let me know if you end up coming this way.

Certainly don’t wait on me. It would be a fun trip, but there is no way that it is actually going to happen in the near future.