shipping a GP

I am looking at shipping a one piece GP from CA to AK. What shippers do this? Is any one shipper better than another?


shipping a gp
I use door skin plywood, 1 x 2s and bugle headed screws to make a shipping box and use UPS.

Shipping tube for GP
There are very heavy duty cardboard shipping tubes used in commercial shipping that would be ideal. I had some plastic rods sent me by McMaster-Carr (a great place to order materials) and they used one of those very heavy duty cardboard tubes. I don’t know the source of the tubes.

The plastic plumbing pipes sold at Home Crapo would also work, although their weight would increase shipping costs.


I think a 4" PVC
would be lighter than a cardboard tube.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it
I don’t think you need anything special. My brand new GP was shipped to my home in TX from Tuktu in NJ via UPS. He wrapped it well in bubble wrap and put it in a box that was made from a couple of long cardboard boxes taped together. It arrived just fine.

I’ve received…
I’ve received GPs in both cardboard boxes with little padding and in PVC pipe.

No problems with either.

All through US Post Office.

Don’t worry
Don’t worry too much about the weight of the packaging adding to the bill. The cost will be driven more by the long size and shape than by a couple of extra ounces.