Shipping a Kayak - Houston to Duluth

I need to ship a kayak between Houston, Tx and Duluth, MN. Any ideas?

Anyone driving from TX to northern MN in the next two weeks?

Did you buy
that QCC that has been in Houston for about 1yr ?


Why would anyone do that?
There isn’t any Shiner Bock beer or enchiladas worth eating up there.

No, it’s an Explorer
It’s an Explorer and a friend is moving it.

We have Lake Superior beer up here, and Grand Marais finally has a Mexican Restaurant again! I’ve always said that GM would be the most perfect place in the world if it had a Mexican Restaurant and a place to watch movies. Now it has Hugh’s Taco House and a bunch of friends and I sewed for sheets together and we’ve been showing movies on it at various places all summer long.

Link to a movie we showed on the kayak shop in town:

KAS Transport.
Call Steve Skinner at 585-313-9467. Does a good job, have never seen anything negative about him on p-net. If you do a search here you will see a lot of posts relating to shipping kayaks. I heard Affordable Boat Carriers went out of business so they may not be an option now. Some people swear by Forward Air and others swear at them. A lot of mixed reviews on them.

Good luck.