shipping a kayak to Hawaii??

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Anyone ever shipped a kayak to Hawaii? If so how did you ship it and how much did it cost? I may be taking a DoD contract job on Oahu for a couple of years and I would like to take my yak with me.

Put it in your contract to take
household goods to and from. I sent kayaks to and from Okinawa. Make sure your boat is crated if it is fiberglass. I sent a surf ski with a friend. It was not crated and was smashed on arrival. If your job will involve travel, invest in a folding kayak.

Possible Contact
hunt Johnson moved to southern California from Hawaii this year. He used to ship his boats to the mainland, he might be able to tell you of a good shipping company.

jeepguy2 – Pod shipping

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Most people going to Hawaii for a time use one of those shipping Pods, various sizes but essentially the size of a garden shed (but some are large enough for an automobile). Might consider one for your belongings (bike, kayak, gear, clothes, etc) and get it all over there. Ask your company to foot the bill, like Tsunamichuck mentions. Good luck. Hawaii is cool, and I think the interminable rains have finally let up.

Theres no clean water over there anymore
… just ask DL

Thinnest plywood, skeletoned with 1" X 2" strips makes a nice light but strudy cage for kayaks … pad with foam and tie boat down in case it gets stood on end of flipped/ rolled. At least 3" ‘air core’ arond the boat too. Put some 2" x 4" feet under it for forklift to slide under amd rope loops at ends to lift easier.