Shipping a kayak

I am interested in shipping a kayak from California to Florida, can anyone provide info. as to shippers they have used or know of that can do this without sending me to the poor house?

Thx in advance


What kind of kayak?
If it is a small boat (e.g., a short WW kayak) then Forward Air is great. Otherwise I don’t know.

Not a WW kayak,
it’s 19.5’ long.

I sent a wood composite 18.5’ CLC North Bay kayak from Annapolis to Huntsville, AL. Price was excellent, service was awesome.

Forward Air works fine for touring boats. I’ve shipped both plastic and composite boats without any problems (all well wrapped with ends protected). I’m in the Denver area and the cost has been in the $80-100 range for boats coming or going to either coast.

for the recommendations, I have received 2 quotes from different shippers which are doable for me.



Let Us Know
Post the reults on the board, please. I may need to ship some boats across country myself soon.

I got my foster silhouette shipped
to lawrence michigan for 70.00 USD through dominion freight. Very reasonable no damage. I have also heard that forward air is excellent.

so far,,$161.00 terminal to terminal,plus crating, Yellow, $209.00 plus crating. ForwardAir customer service should be called “customer dis service” long waits, then “click” ,they hang up, happened 3 times. I will post more tomorrow.


There is a FAQ on Boatertalk

Even though they are talking about WW kayaks there is lots of useful general info. In particular check into Pilot Air.