Shipping a kayak

Any suggestion for shipping a kayak to a destination over 250 miles. Anyone used bubble wrap?


Forward air
Bubble wrap and use forward air.

One of your strippers
or a plastic WW boat. For a plastic boat forward air is the thing. Otherwise I’d just droive it. 500 miles is a short day for me as long as the car is medium sized.

I agree with PeterK
We had all sorts of problems shipping composite kayaks with commercial companies. We bubble-wrapped and then wrapped again in plastic to keep the bubble in place. But we’d get damage rates as high as 10%.

Now, if it’s just a little white-water boat (less than seven feet long) sending it by bus is fairly efficient, especially you can be there when it’s loaded, and the recipient can be there when the bus pulls in.

But as Peter says … a 500 mile drive is nothing, and you know the boat’s going to get there safely.


I don’t like Forward Air. I shipped 4 kayaks through them the past six months. Rude and careless - at least at LAX.

Old Dominion was very nice, as well as the truck companies that delivered to my door.