Shipping a kayak

Does anyone know the least expensive way to ship a kayak or any names of businesses that do it?

KAS Transport
Steve Skinner, a dedicated kayak shipper @ 585-313-9467. Fair priced and above all, safe and dependable.

Old Dominion Frieght Lines…
is shipping me my new kayak, and one in the past also.

Google for their website and a quote estimator. They will ship residence to residence unlike most frieght companies that onmly do airport to airport terminal.

Cheapest isn’t always best
Protect your boat. And don’t use Forward Air.

I used…
Forward Air once, with good results. $80 for the yak to go from Delaware to Orlando.

The seller wrapped the boat very well. Or maybe the manufacturer wrapped it, I don’t know.

Unwrapped the boat before I’d sign for delivery. They were very cool about it, and let me stuff the wrappings in their dumpster.

Just my experience.


2nd that about KAS Transport
Got a cedar strip Outer Island delivered 1100 miles by Steve without nary a scratch…very reasonably priced too!

Forward Air
well I have had a kayak shipped to me exactly once FWIW. Rochester NY to Detroit Metro. $75 incl insurance. Arrived in a felt sleeve, double shrink wrapped with extra protection at bow and stern. Like the poster above they let me remove all its wrappings and check it over carefully.


The men at the terminal even offered to help me load my kayak.

I’ve picked up and mailed from Forward Air in LA. They had an attitude, but yaks were OK. I also picked up at Old Dominion and they were very nice.

my forward air
involved, attitude when I opened it they were pissed especially when it had two holes in it and I refused it…tried to force me into taking it with severe damage, which I did…took 2 months to resolve claim. Then the second forward air shipment they wouldn’t let me close to it before signing…guess where I told them to put that boat.

Perfect time to ship
Contact a rowing club in the area. Fall racing season is under way, and there are trailers traveling all over the country.

Almost everyone (including west coast and midwestern teams) is heading to Boston (and back) October 20-22.

what he said
custom service by a guy who runs a kayak store

Forward Air :frowning:
They are not a real shipping co. but a freight forwarder. Pay a little more and use a dedicated kayak shipper.

2 out of 3 boats I have been involved with FA has damaged. Small plastic boats may be OK but if you are shipping composit or seakayaks I wouldn’t do it.