Shipping a Kayak

I searched the archives and didn’t find a thread, however, it seems like I have seen them before but didn’t read them. Can anyone tell me if a conversation on shipping methods and costs is available and if not can anybody contribute?

I would like to know the best way and cost to move a boat from Seattle to Cleveland. Ideas?

are you really selling
that beautiful boat?

K.A.S. Transport
Talk to Steve, last # I had is 315-538-9652. Also had this #, 585-313-9467, don’t know which is current. He has a dedicated boat trailer and has shipped 3 boats for me in perfect condition. He ships rowing shells, kayaks & canoes. Nice guy, and door-to-door service usually. Regular freight carriers scare me, and have a bad history of trashing hulls. How much do you like your boat?

I have had 2 boats shipped
via Forward Air without any problems.

I’m in no hurry to …
…but yes. I can’t have a bazillion boats and selling it would allow me to own something else for a while. Then, I’ll sell that,too. Like I said, no hurry. Just depends on how much trouble it is.

I’ll keep my Tern 14, of course.

Second KAS
I had a canoe shipped via KAS this fall. You might have to wait a while, but the boat will get there safely, on a trailer made for boats, not shoved in with a bunch of other cargo.

Third for KAS…
Provided you are not in a hurry, the service is first-rate. Had a boat shipped to me this spring, from NY to NV, for about $325. Arrived w/o a single tear in the wrapping.