Shipping a Kayak???

Alright so I just scored a sweet deal on a Hobie Outfitter. The problem is that it is in Tucson, AZ and I am in San Diego. I saved over 1200 bucks so even with shipping costs I am making out great. But now I need some advice on the shipping part. Any advice would be great!


Can you equip your car to carry the
Hobie and then drive to Tucson to pick it up yourself? Even at today’s gas prices, that isn’t such a long drive. I once drove from Atlanta to southern Michigan to buy a canoe, and as I recall, I made the drive north in a single day. I once drove from Chicago to Atlanta in about 11 hours.

As for shipping, a 40 pound, 13 foot canoe was shipped from New Hampshire to me in Atlanta for a little over $200 using Roadway. But the boat builder had special arrangements with Roadway.

Shipping a kayak
Check our

It’s a site used by independent truckers to line up extra income cargo for a trip they are making anyway. They see your info on the website and call you with a quote.