Shipping a Kayak

Does anyone know of a freight carrier that ships kayaks? I’ve purchased boats out of state in the past & had them shipped by Old Dominion without problems. Old Dominion now tells me that as of the first of the year they will no longer ship Kayaks, too many damage claims they say. My need right now is from San Fransico, Ca to Southern New Jersey.

KAS Transport
Great reputation for getting kayaks & canoes to their destination in a-one condition. “canoe, kayak, rowing shell transport”

contact info: (315) 538-9627

Forward Air
Is OD just refusing all kayaks or just composites?

OD Shipping
I don’t really know . The woman I spoke with said “they” had recieved notification that as of the first of the year they would no longer ship kayaks

Check with Tom
He’s sales manager at Appomattox River Co., one of the largest kayak/canoe retailers in the world. They ship a lot of boats via OD and I can’t imagine they’d get cut off. I wouldn’t be surprised if OD got out of shipping composites but it’s hard to damgage a plastic boat.