Shipping a ww boat?

Anyone have any info on getting a ww boat shipped within the continental US, from mid coast to New England? It’s over 8 feet, and doesn’t weigh too much. Could I just slap a shipping label on it and ship as is, or do I need to wrap it up? Any info is appreciated…

do a search

found this on my regional board, sure plugging in “shipping” here will do the same

Kaz of Millbrook ships light
composite OC-1s from NE all over the US, just wrapped in bubble wrap. I forget what shipper he used, but my boat arrived in Atlanta undamaged. That transparent wrapping may work better than full crating, because the shippers can see what they’re dealing with, and will use the right amount of care.

Freight Shipping Companies…
I have had multiple ww/surf boats and waveskis shipped by with no problems. Once with PilotAir. And, once with a sub 8’composite boat by DHL.


Go over to
This topic has been done to death over there and there is a ton of stuff. Just use the search function.