shipping boats to europe

I was wondering if anybody had any experience shipping boats to Europe. I just accepted a two year job in the UK and I’d like to bring my boats (a kayak and a canoe) with me if it’s not prohibitively expensive. The best quote I have found so far is over $900 to ship both of my boats as well as my boyfriend’s canoe via ocean freight. Eek! Anybody have any better ideas? I’d appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!

tough one
Shipping in the U.S. will run you about $200. So $900 for 2 to Europe doesn’t sound that bad.

Suggestions: Buy new ones when over there and sell before you leave? Build your own when you’re over there?

how bout the obvious
and most unhelpful statement.

Paddle em over! duh!

900 sounds good for that many boats though.

still looking…
Actually, there are shipping companies that charge as low as $65/one way for airport to airport service in just a few days. That’s why I was thinking I might get a better deal on a slow boat heading out that way. I’m thinking about selling and buying something when I get there, but canoes are so hard to find there. It’s a tough decision to make!

where in the UK
… will you be living?

You got it ALL WRONG!
You go over and by two nifty euro boats not available in the US, and figure out how to bring them BACK. Then when you return you are the cool kid on the block.

You could even pick up a RH340 for sing.

local importer/dealer
of VCP and NDK craft might be able to hook you up with returning 20 or 40 foot containers.

Have you tried asking your employer, assuming they are part of this, for help?

Not so obvious question
If you do get them over there, have you figured out where you are going to keep them?

You should attempt to negotiate this cost into your moving expenses, which you should negotiate to have the employer pay.

Have you thought about travelling over on the Queen Mary 2 and bringing them with you as “excess baggage”?

The $900 really doesn’t sound unreasonable. But make sure you understand what you are getting for your money. Make sure you understand the packing requirements, and insure everthing for replacement cost.

that’s the other reason
for looking into shipping vs. showing up at the airport with three boats ready to go. I won’t have a home until I get there. I won’t know about transportation issues until I get there. Lots of uncertainties, too many to take the boats with me right away.

The job doesn’t really come with a relocation package, so I’m on my own. I knew that when I applied – it’s a research gig, so soft money. I talked them into a plane ticket. It’s the least they can do.

It’s sounding like I’m going to have to buy a boat there and then maybe resell it there or deal with this issue on the return trip if I really love the boat.

Still, if anybody knows of options cheaper than $900 and less work than paddling all the way across the Atlantic, I’m all ears…

New Boating Venues?
Another reason to sell, or store here, is that you will have to find news boating venues when you get there. Your old boats may not be the best suited to your new environment

Try these folks…

Make a phone call…see what they say, ask for suggestions…

It ain’t the USA
You should be aware that Europeans have different laws and customs relative to access and use of waterways. Depending where you are living, you might want to check very carefully as to where you can paddle. Also, the $900 freight might be pretty inconsequental compared to the cost of a club or site where you can store your craft. Flats in England can be quite small.

Or buy a folding kayak

buying one used there
and selling it or shipping it might be a great alternative. My 2 cents. That way you can scope out the scene on storage and access first

2nd the folder
Take it/them with you on Eurail or the ferry.

We’ll see what happens…
Thanks for the input. We’re actually moving to Scotland. River access is supposed to be a little different there, but not as weird as in England. My boyfriend is going to buy a Pakboat before we leave. That may end up being our only boat for a while, especially if we don’t get a car and don’t have a lot of storage space. Lots of questions won’t be answered until we’re living there.

Did you see this thread?

This guy knows about shipping it appears.