shipping canoe

Any ideas on shipping my 16’canoe from Los Angeles to Cincinnati? Airlines will not take it.

Trucking company
Canoe retailers often ship by truck. Just be sure you create a “bomb” proof shipping package!

Road Trip!
Might be a nice way to see the Western USA if you just car-top it instead of spending the money to ship it. And as a bonus, if you happen to see any nice rivers/lakes along the way, HEY you’ve got your canoe!

Try to find someone driving that way.
Check with local paddling clubs. Sometimes you can find someone to haul your boat. Make sure you have a good lock, even if you haul it yourself.

ABF trucking delivered our canoes from Mowhawk in FL to IL. No problems and about $250 for both.

K.A.S. Transport
If you act quick you may be able to get Steve from K.A.S. Transport (585-313-9467) to pick up your boat. He picked up two composite kayaks at my shop Saturday that where headed to Corpus Christi, Tx (thanks Jeff!) and he was headed into your territory to pick up & deliver boats for Seda after dropping off there, and then back to New York. He has a dedicated canoe/kayak trailer (and a cool dog) and everything on it was a high end boat (race canoes, marathon and olympic sprint kayaks), including the new Kayakpro ‘Vampire’…a BEAUTIFUL new boat made in China. Steve is a canoe/kayak shop owner himself, he knows how to handle boats. I highly recommend him, and he was a LOT cheaper than any other trucking, or boat hauler. He is insured, and a nice guy!

The best way to go…
…is to use USHIP.COM. I bought a canoe on Ebay last fall. I needed to have it shipped from Wichita, KS to Wenatchee, WA. Posted on USHIP and within a few days i had several responses. On USHIP.COM you’ll get two kinds of responses. The most common is a trucker who has space for your boat. They will put in a bid and you can accept or reject the bid. The second, and best, is if someone is travelling for vacation and they want to cover some of their costs by tossing a boat on top of their rig. Thats how it worked for me.

Good luck!

K.A.S. ditto
I concur with Stickman. We used Steve’s service last year for the first time to ship a used Sparrow Hawk from CT to OR. We are now in the process of shipping another boat from NC to OR. I just saw Steve this morning as he was passing through Salem and made the final arrangements. He personally makes the pickup and delivery of the boats. He also will package the boat for transport at a reasonable fee. Steve provides an excellent, safe, and dependable service at a very fair price. There is no reason to risk using a freight company.

Another dedicated paddle boat shipper
Afordable Boat Carriers from Fl. They run up and down the east coast as well as trips west.

Fon 3210724-8960

fax 321-724-2586


Good luck!



Another boat hauler
Jamie Kline - Wild Hills Transportation.

Phone is (304) 864 1015

Good guy, I used him last year on a delivery from NH to MN. He only does boats.

Pamskee,was that ABF or ABC?

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Regular trucking firm or dedicated canoe hauler? I know ABC hauls most of Mowhawk shipped boats so was wondering.



I recently purchased a new Old Town Penobscot which was shipped to me on SAIA trucks. It arrived damaged; unfortunately I was not able to be present to inspect it when it arrived, so the company would not accept my damage claim. A friend observed the clown driving the truck drag the canoe by one end across the street. My friend ran to help before the packing material wore through completely. Under no circumstances would I ship a canoe on SAIA.