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Any advice to be given about ordering online and shipping a canoe? I simply can’t find what I’m looking for locally any time soon. I have two options, one Kelvar (18’) and one Royalex (17’). Some stores won’t ship, citing 50% damage. Others will ship and say they have had only a few issues. Is it safe? What should I be asking the dealers about shipping, packing, etc? Thanks in advance.

The best way I have found to ship a canoe is on a rack on a private vehicle - yours or a friends. I bought my last canoe from Piragis in Ely MN and they shipped it to me with a couple who were coming to FL for vacation. Canoe arrived in perfect shape and it cost either $100 or was free - I forget which. Only problem with this option is that the canoe will not ship until a Piragis employee or trusted local driver is headed your way.

What’s your location?
I might be able to help you out if you’re in the Northeast

Affordable Boat Carriers
I used these guys when I bought a carbon boat from Savage River years ago. I was extremely happy with how they handled the boat and pricing, while not “cheap”, was certainly better than many other options I explored.

canoe is in the NE
I am in FL. :slight_smile:

What I’d do - “ideally”

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A well-wrapped Royalex boat (lots of heavy cardboard and bubblewrap) is likely to survive okay. Mohawk has probably shipped thousands of boats that way with good results.

If I wanted to get a composite boat shipped by truck, I'd try to hire a carpenter at the point of origin, and get him to build a rigid crate with forklift slots. Full inclosure would be less important than a full surrounding framework to guard against impact against the truck floor and sides. Composite boats don't have a good track record for surviving careless handling by freight companies if they are only wrapped in a cushioning material. I'm sure you are looking at an extra few hundred bucks for such crating, making a non-truck option pretty attractive.


Steve Skinner
I can highly recommend Steve Skinner: KAS Transport of BayCreek Kakay: He brought a Mark Rogers Artic Hawk from Boston to NC by way of Chicago, and was then going on to CA with among other things a bunch of NDK boats, a Thunderboalt, and several canoes. Great guy, very reliable, and knows boats. Transport is on a kayak trailer all wrapped up.

Inspect carefully
If you ship, expect damage, and inspect the canoe very thoroughly before signing for it. And have your camera ready.

I’m in PA but the cost to bring it to
Fla would be too much. I will do it for you, but its going to be a lot of money.

Jamie Kline - Wild Hills Transportation
I used this guy. Hauls boats only, covered trailer.

Jamie Kline - Wild Hills Transportation.

(304) 864 1015

Shipped boat from NH to MN w/o problems. He hauls boats for the manufacturers/dealers, so it depends on where he’s going and if he has room if you can use him.

Reasonable prices.

Where in Florida are you? Surely, there
is a dealer within 3-400 miles of you that has a canoe you would want.

Affordable quote from Orlando to DC

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to me was $200 for a boat. Would have been cheaper if contracter for by the manufacturer.

As I was hauling 4 or 5 boats I arranged for a trailer and made the trip myself.

Affordable is home based in Florida and primarily runs the east coast with trips also running east-west.

Afordable Boat Carriers
Fon 3210724-8960
fax 321-724-2586



They can get it…
but have to work through the middleman, plus it’s more. I would think that as it is sold before it arrives, I’d get a bit off retail. Nope - plus they want shipping and tax on top of retail. Heck, I can fly to NY and drive a rental back for the price I’d pay local - and still be about $250 ahead. I know local shop owners need to make a living, but for $250, I’d make the drive back (and enjoy a few stops along the way).

I don’t support local shops that are
way overpriced, are ripoffs, or give poor service. I guess what I was suggesting was have you taken a look at another brand of canoe availble in your area that is as good as the one you are considering ordering? I use the term area loosely, in Texas, that would be within a 300 mile radius, in your case, up to NC or over to Georgia.

And Tyler, Too.