shipping canoes

Looking for advice on shipping a used canoe from NY to Idaho. I am a private owner trying to ship a Minnesota II to Idaho. Can’t find local carriers to haul this used boat. Any suggestions?

Try Foward Air, they are a terminal to
terminal shipper. I have used them to ship 2 kayaks. Try this link

This has been done very recently …
please see “Need advice on shipping a sea kayak” on this board.

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BTW: Forward Air’s good rep has been tarnished lately and I have a crushed Bell FlashFire to prove it. Not that they are bad, just not as good as everyone has been led to believe.

canoe shipping
I had once thought of buying a canoe from a

livery,and had to call fed-ex for ship cost,

did find out it was half the price if i picked

it up from there,check them out.

Sell the canoe
Sell the canoe. Buy new or used when you get to your destination. You may find you saved money. Of course, if yours is a really fine canoe…say a hand built wood canoe or other, ship it.