Shipping Canoes

I am thinking of purchasing a kevlar canoe through one of several on-line dealers. I’m curious as to how others expierences with shipping kevlar boats has been. I’m a bit leary that it will be damaged in route. I see that one retailer crates his canoes for shipping, others use tubes and some just bubble wrap. I’d prefer to go pick one up in person, but living in the sticks has its disadvantages and its rewards. Hell, it’s a 2 hour drive just to the nearest shipping terminal.

Personally inspect before signing
I have ordered two canoes online–one fiberglass, one Royalex. The fiberglass came through fine. The Royalex arrived at my business (cost advantage shipping to a business) and an employee signed for it. Upon inspection, I discovered damage to the hull, but was S.O.L. since the employee had signed for it. All the canoe dealer or shipper (SAIA) would offer me was sympathy. I would not order from this dealer or use this shipper (did I say SAIA?) again. The canoe had been bubble wrapped, and my employee saw the (SAIA) driver drag it by one end. Fortunately, the bubble wrap did not wear through completely or I would have had more damage. The damage appeared to be a hole caused by a bolt or other object wearing through the wrapping as the canoe bounced in the back of the truck. The moral of the story may be obvious, but difficult for me in this case–inspect very carefully before you sign for the boat.

Perhaps you can pick it up when
on vacation? You can save money with shipping and paddle in a different area.

Pro boat haulers
Check w/the dealer and see if he has connections w/the pro boat haulers. That’s all they do and they do it well. These are the guys that haul for the manufacturers. they will throw on an extra or two if they have room or are running light in the other direction.

good suggestion…
…and there was one that used to check in here at pnet…I emailed him a few times…anybody remember him?

lost info
One guy is Jamie Kline. He’s the one I used, but my email all got clobbered recently so I don’t have the info anymore.

Mike at Ranger Canoe knows him and a couple of others.

Just Ask
Your Profile lists you as being located Way North. I would be happy to cartop the boat for you if it’s at all possible. Can you give me some details? I’m still a few weeks from the start of paddling season and can offer a two day drive.