shipping fiberglass kayaks

Does anyone have suggestions for how to ship a 16ft fiberglass kayak cross-country? There seem to be size-limits at companies like UPS and FedEx that prevent packages over ~8-12 ft. I called an air-freight company (pilot air), but they’re not taking packages from individuals due to security issues.

I know there’s a classified ad section on this page, so people must ship them all the time…how do you do it?

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Forward Air
They are really a trucking company with terminals located at or near airports. We had an 18’ boat shipped from Fl to Ca for $125. It was bubble wrapped and tarped. No damage.

How about a shipping company…
…that will pick up a boat from a residential address. Obviously, this will be more expensive, but forward air only seems to operate out of major cities.



from & where to?
where to you have to get them to I run in Canada only if that will help mail me


The boat needs to go
from Florida to Wisconsin.


How soon does it need to be there?


Another option
There is a company based in Florida called (I think this is right) Affordable Boat Carriers. I used them to get my carbon canoe from Savage River (in Maryland) to Chattanooga, TN. It ran around $200, and it took a while, but these folks know how to handle boats, have proper trailers, padding, etc. Might be worth a shot if you run out of other options.

QCC (in Wisconsin) uses Con-Way (consists of multiple carriers) to ship nationwide.

It is terminal to terminal - but they have a LOT of service centers. I think they can do door to door - for extra of course.

There’s no real rush…
…but the lakes around here aren’t frozen anymore, so the sooner the better.