Shipping Fiberglass kayaks

Can anyone give me advice on how to ship a fiberglass sea kayak safely from Colorado to Alabama? It is a used boat being purchased from an individual. I have been advised that there is about a 30% damage rate on these kayaks with common carriers.



QCC ships all of their boats
and they use big double wall corrugated boxes, and nest them together, end to end, to make a tube long enough to clear the boat. They close the ends of the two outer boxes - and tape them all together really well.

Thick polystyrene foam (maybe 2 1/2" thick) - the ridged white stuff -lines the box at the ends for bow and stern protection. Wrap the boat in bubble wrap to protect the finish. If you can, make a framework/skeleton to strengthen the inside of the box (maybe construct it out of 1" x 2" boards?).

They also used Conway / CCX trucking, and I mentioned to Phil how excellent the trucking company was. He said that they have been the best common carrier with their boats - and that they have “tried them all.”

Good luck!


shipping kayak’s
Well, I must have read a million messages on this

topic. I came to the conclusion that unless you

can arrange a speciality hauler to pick up and

deliver its best not to ship…you can take your

chances but I choose not to in the end…There was a

guy hauling kayak’s, had his name and number, do

a search and you should be able to find it.Its

worth a shot…

call Eddyline
there’s a fellow they use,he’s got a regular tractor/trailer and only carries kayaks. Sorry I forgot the name of the fellow,I think he’s from NC or thereabouts. For 100% security I’d pick him but you’ll have to meet him at a nearby pickup points, he doesn’t go door to door.

That would probably be Jamie Kline. He delivered my Ranger Otter from NH to Mpls about a month ago. Worked out well. As you say, you need to be able to meet him somewhere for pickup/delivery.

Forward Air
I used them to ship an 18’ boat from Boston to Denver. It cost $86 and the boat came through fine. I packed the ends in several layers of carboard, then wrapped the entire boat in two layers of bubble wrap, covered with a double layer of pallet wrap.