shipping from NC to WY

Hello, new to the board. I have searched this and it seems that Forward Air is the best bet for shipping a Kayak. Mine is an 18’ Impex Force 4 Fiberglass. I read in an older post about people just bubble wrapping their boats and sometimes also using cardboard around the bubble wrap. Would this be suitable for my 'glass boat? I was planning on making a wood crate to ship it but if yall think it is unnecessary that would be great!

Thanks for the help!

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No packaging required and it will get there in one piece.

Had my close to 18 ft Clipper Sea-1 shipped by Roadway. Clipper wrapped first in lightweight foam, taped well. Next they have a bubble wrap sleeve it slides into…taped. Next they plastic wrapped and taped and last, another cloth/gauze sleeve…tied at each end and taped a few times around the middle. Not a scratch or any issue from Canada to NC.