Shipping Kayak Advise needed

I’m going to purchase a kayak from another individual who is selling his kayak. The problem I have run into is figuring out the best company for shipping the kayak long distance. Which shipping company do most people use or suggest?



Depends on the boat…
Smaller plastic kayak I might take a chance on Forward Air, cheap but rough.

Anything more delicate or precious I would definitely look for a dedicated kayak carrier.

Depends on packing as well
I recently had a 18.5 foot kayak shipped pretty much across the entire USA via a freight company, Con-Way, and had no problems. The kayak was packed very well though.

one more bit of info
It is a 17ft fiberglass kayak. And I don’t want any damage.


Go get it yourself.

good point on getting it yourself
if not to aweful far away, combine it into another trip…but back to the question. I too have had good success with Con-Way, see if they are not the ones QCC uses all across the country.