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I’m sure this is practically common knowledge, but say I go down the river, for thousands of miles. ANd say I’ve got a pretty nice kayak. Once I get to my destination, and I’m cold and alone, and in a strange city, what do you do? Especially with your kayak? Are they expensive to ship? Can you carry them one the plane for a fee? Thanks.

Depends on the size
You can check small kayaks up to about 11 Ft heading to Hawaii. If it is small and fits in a surfboard bag. Hawaiian airlines charges you $80 each way. United is charging $100 + $100 heavy charge this week = $200 each way. These are not good times for traveling with a kayak on United.

Let it dry
then pack it away and take it as luggage. Can get away with no extra charges if packed carefully.

hire someone?

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Guess this wouldn't work for thousands of miles, but we hired a local kayak shop to pick us up from the end of a paddle down the Columbia (170 mile paddle), and drive us back to the start. I think it was $250 for the service for the 4 of us (2 singles and a tandem).

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