shipping kayak

A friend is relocating to BC from Upstate NY and needs to ship his kayak. Anyone know of a shipper in this area or someone going that direction? Thanks in advance. Thanks in advance.


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If someone happens to be going that way and they'll strap it to the roof of their car, fantastic!

However, chances are you'll have to ship. This topic has been covered several times. Each carrier seems to have those who have good things to say and those who have bad things to say.

Spend the money on packing and build, or have built, a simple crate. I bet you could put and ad on craigslist and have a handyman come out to your house and build you a crate for about $250 at most. $50-$70 if you do it yourself. Take a couple pictures and tape it to the outside of the crate. Put copies on the inside.

Yes it weighs more and you'll pay more to have it shipped. But it's the only way to be 100% sure.

I've shipped 2 boats and each time used Old Dominion but that's only because their terminal is near by. Built a simple crate and made it easy for the dock workers to handle. Not a scratch was found upon arrival.

CL, maybe
Consider posting an ad on Craigslist. You may be lucky enough to find a paddler with the right equipment to haul the boat. The usual caveats apply, and I’m not sure how comfortable I would be handing my boat over to a stranger, but you might get lucky and find a good person. I would certainly consider hauling someone’s boat for them if I were headed the right directiion (and despite what my wife may say, I’m a giving, caring individual.)

if he’s relocating…
… is he moving household goods? I’d include it in that shipment but crate it as previously mentioned.

he’s moving household goods
but room doesn’t allow the kayak a secure spot to ride. I’ll check with Craig’s list, but the motor freight and crateing sounds like a good way. Thanks all. Much appreciated.

Shipping kayak
Go to it’s a site used by truckers.

You can post what you want to ship and from where to where. Truckers bid on the job. A friend just bought a kayak in New Hampshire and had it delivered to Michigan for $250. It was handled gently and arrived in perfect condition.

Sell & Buy A New One
I’d figure out how much it was to ship, and then consider selling it and buying a new one in NY. It could be a good excuse to get a new kayak if your friend would like to switch to something different or upgrade.