Shipping kayaks for a trip

We would love to ship our two 11ft rec kayaks from the NYC area (most convenient would be Newark) to Orlando but the best round trip quote we have received (from Pilot Freight) comes to about $500. We have tried several others suggested by a 2001 BoaterTalk article but they either dont do it anymore or it is outrageously expensive (one quote came in around $2500!)



Look for a shipping broker
They often have offices a major truck stops. Often times there are “hot shot” drivers that haul small or partial loads at negotiable rates. The down side is that somebody must be at the destination to pay the driver and sign for the load, and you must repeat the process to get the boats back home.

Just be aware that your boats may not get pampered en route, so pack them accordingly.

I did this one time and it worked out ok, huge pain in the ass, but it worked.


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For the cost of shipping your two kayaks (or probably less) you could rent rec kayaks at your destination. Bringing your own PFD and paddles will make it more enjoyable. How do you plan to carry your boats around while you're down there, anyway?

Here's some listings, but I have no idea where any of these actually are:

Get good quality inflatable
or folding kayaks. Innova makes good quality kayaks that will paddle as well as you rec boats and they fit as overhead luggage. Aire and Advanced Elements make high quality inflatables as well. Folding kayaks are more expensive and more time consuming re assembly amd maintenance

Forget it - just rent.
We go through this analysis a lot when planning extended canoe trips and my conclusion is always the same. Unless I can drive to the destination with my boat on my truck the best option is to rent if renting is available. Generally it ends up cheaper to rent and certainly far more convenient.

Some things just do not exist.
Accept your fate !