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does anybody know the best way to ship a kayak

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There are two companies that exclusively move canoes, kayaks and rowing

shells that I am aware of. I have used both companies listed below with

satisfaction. I am aware that KAS, based in upstate NY is planning a trip through Texas soon.

1)K.A.S. Transport is Steve and Kathy Skinner who operate BayCreek Paddling Center in Rochester, NY.

( Apparently they are distributors of

Valley and maybe some other kayak lines and decided to branch into the boat hauling business.

Kathy and Steve Skinner

K.A.S. Transport Inc

kastransport@e… (mailto:kastransport@e…)

315-986-1869 evenings. 585-313-9467 cell

2) Affordable Boat Carriers

email: _mdually3@y…

mailto:mdually3@a…) P.O. Box #501 Malabar,FL 32950 321-724-8960


there may be others in the small boat hauling business.

Networking with other paddlers is a good way to move boats or, if a

manufacturer has a load coming your way ask to piggyback. Hint: ask a local dealer when a shipment is due, who is brining it, from where and when.


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I ordered my kayak from e-bay and he shipped it Fed-Ex freight. It was about $100 and had to be shipped to a business. I had it shipped to a store similar to Mail Boxes, Etc. You can have it shipped to a residence, but there is an additional cost to that.

Just wrap it in bubble wrap and you should be ok.

I will second Forward Air. I used them
shipping on 2 kayaks both from NC one to Boston, MA and the other to Hartford CT. Quick easy to track and they called me both times to let me know that they were there.

depends on the boat
If you’re shipping a playboat, no one does it better or cheaper than Sports Express. I basically had a playboat FedEx’d to me overnight from New York to Wisconsin for around $50. For everything else, I’ve heard excellent things about Forward Air like several people have mentioned already.