Shipping Kayaks

Does anyone have any suggestions on shipping companies or any goods ways to ship a kayak from Florida to Ohio?

For me Forward Air has been good.
They don’t ship to your door but to a terminal. I have used them to ship 2 yaks before.

Kayak Companies…
I was just shipped a kayak from QCC in Wisconsin. Took just a few days! They used Con-way. They have a website… I think. Dont know if this is helpful…

Good Luck

Search the archives…
…you’ll find a ton of info on this. I had good luck with Forward Air.

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I’ve never used these folks, however I did get a very reasonable quote in a very timely manner from them. I wish I would have used them.

Do not use Old Dominion – yes, I’ve learned from personal experience.

Da dah ones!!! Here are some more …
Believe these are all full time hull haulers.

John B. Keller, JMA Enterprises in Pennsylvania: (610) 413-0828

# Terry McAvoy, Maine Portage: (207) 848-9991

# Affordable Boat Carriers (ABC)in Florida: (321) 724-8960 Was
Mohawk's main hauler

# Steve Skinner, KAS Transport in upstate New York: (585) 313-9467 or
(315) 538-9627

There is another one in FL and another one in WV, but I do not remember their names.

Everybody, Save that post…

That info is hard to come by.

Met John Keller a few times and he brought my Valley down in perfect condition.